"My Mental State makes me feel judged. I need to cope on my own"
"Being Distracted, Fidgeting, Being Alone.... They help me cope"
"How Might We help people cope with Anxiety when they're alone"
In struggling with Anxiety during the Covid-19 Pandemic, I found myself isolated and without the ability to share with others. Realizing that I wasn't the only one dealing with these problems, I decided to research how other people dealt with anxiety on their own, and the ways we might help ease that process.
Noticing a majority of people utilized fidgeting as a way to distract themselves, I began to wonder how we might improve this experience.  While some people utilized their own body as a "fidgeting tool", some reported this practice could result in self harm. How could we implement a new form of fidgeting that doesn't generate stigma?
In Addition to this, there is an opportunity to incorporate sensory elements in these fidgeting tools so that they can better function for those who need them.

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