Charlie is a multidisciplinary Industrial Designer with a background in Industrial Engineering. Focusing in User Experience Research, he has combined his previous expertise in Advancing Technologies with his interest in Socially Responsible design. With a particular focus on how designed objects determine our experiences in societies around us, Charlie has decided to focus on bringing social issues to the forefront of conversation through embodied experiences.
Combining qualitative, quantitative, primary and secondary sources of user research, as well as techniques in generative and evaluative ideating, Charlie has managed to build a skillset that allows him to develop in different areas within the industry.
Charlie has pursued a Master’s Degree at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), where he developed his thesis on bringing political implications of Peruvian history to the forefront of collective experiences to generate actionable change.
Having developed projects ranging from speculative to commercial, human centered and technology driven, Charlie has a diverse portfolio that showcases his many interests and the way he approaches problems.
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